To snack or share

Table of artisan sausages

Selection of sausages, handcrafted in the area, consisting of chorizo, salchichón and loin, accompanied by serrano ham / €14

D.O. cheese table Galicia

Selection of cheeses with D.O. Galicia (Arzúa-Ulloa, San Simón, Tetilla and Cebreiro) accompanied by artisan jam / €12

Octopus casserole with prawns

Sautéed cooked octopus with garlic prawns in a clay pot / €16

beef jerky

Veal jerky with slices of Parmesan cheese and extra virgin olive oil / €13

free range scrambled eggs

Homemade scrambled eggs with potato, spicy chorizo, pepper and onion / €10

Roasted peppers with tuna

Warm salad of roasted red peppers in our oven accompanied by tuna belly / €12

Sautéed vegetables with prawns

Sautéed seasonal vegetables with prawns / €13

vegetables cream

Seasonal vegetable cream / €6

"Horta" salad

Lettuce, tomato, belly, boiled egg, carrot, asparagus and beetroot salad with Mencía vinaigrette. / €7



Galician Beef Entrecote

Grilled Galician beef entrecote with potato and pepper cream / €16

Pork meet

Grilled pork accompanied by seasonal mushroom sauce / €13

Galician Beef Sirloin

Grilled Galician beef tenderloin medallion / €21

Fish stew

Hake, cuttlefish and prawn stew with potatoes and green pepper / €14

Cod confit

Cod confit loin accompanied with roasted peppers and potatoes / €16

Eggs "da Casa"

Combined plate of fried eggs from free-range chickens with zorza (pork meat mincemeat) or serrano ham and chips /€12

Spring Pasta / Bolognese

Tagliatelle with sautéed vegetables or Bolognese sauce / €10


Homemade desserts / €5

Baked cheesecake, "La Viña" style

Pomace cream panna cotta

Cake Chocolate

Traditional bread pudding

Greek yogurt with artisan jam / €4.5

Shortbread with "shot" of homemade coffee liqueur / 4 €

Arzúa cheese with quince / €4.5


Extra bread: 0.60 / person * PRICES INCLUDE 10% VAT